Bulk buying policy

LYRA has a policy of no bulk buying and no resale of our products. As you can imagine, as retailers we wish to sell as many products as we can – but there are some strong reasons why sometimes we must refuse a bulk buy sale.

The reason we do not wish third party resellers to trade in our products is because we want all our customers to receive top quality customer service from our own trained staff in order to find the swimsuit that best suit their preferences.  Our brand reputation is built on making sure that products are effective and tailored for the individual, to ensure that the money each customer spends with us is on something that they will use, instead of something they will find useless and will need to throw away because it did not fit/suit.  This is also vital to our Environmental Policies, where we have targeted our business to not sell products that will end up unwanted and in landfill.  Careful purchasing is good for the customer and good for the environment.

One-off bulk buys for special events.

We of course understand that sometimes bulk buying is necessary for one-off events.  We can accommodate these purchases online, where we will discuss your needs and place a special order for you. Please send an email to info@lyraswimwear.com to discuss any potential needs you may have for a one-time bulk order purchase before purchasing.

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