How can I find out about your Ethical sourcing policy?

We have a responsibility to our customers, colleagues and supply partners to ensure that the items sold on are produced under acceptable conditions and in an ethical way.

This means that they must have been produced:

- Lawfully, through fair & honest dealing;

- Without exploiting the people who made them;

- In decent working conditions and;

- Without damaging the environment

We believe the outward and inward are always connected. That's why we make sure the quality of our swimwear is matched by the integrity of the people that created them.

Finding the right factory to produce our swimwear took more than 2 years of hard work,  driven by a relentless and uncompromising determination. In the middle of Istanbul, our family run factory occupies 800 SQM2 of space. Spanning over 5 floors, employing 250 people, 70% of which are women. All of which are paid fairly, and treated with respect. We didn’t just ask for the highest ethical standards when looking for a factory, we also wanted to give back and support the local community.

Our factory is audited at least once a year and part of the Fair Wear Foundation ('FWF') to ensure the highest workplace standards. FWF is a non- profit organisation that works with brands, factories, trade unions, NGOs and sometimes governments to verify and improve workplace conditions.

For more information please click here and here and if you would like to know more about our work in this area, please contact us at

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